How To Leave Twitter
Saturday, 19 November 2022 20:26 Hrs
❝ This article is in DRAFT mode. It is rough, contains errors and will be ammended soon.


Two FAQs and a HOWTO will give you enough information to make informed decisions about your social media future


You've been spoiled rotten.

On your phone and desktop is a piece of technology that costs nothing, is simple to use and packed with features by talented product development teams. A new owner has arrived and steers the "SS Twitter" towards the rocks. [0] What are you going to do? Do you stay? Do you leave? Is there another way?

This article summarises what is happening now. From this you can make an informed decision of the risks. Then decide if you need to a new social media home.

The Twitter FAQ

This FAQ [1] is written for Twitter Users who want to understand the chaos happening at Twitter and the risks:

  • What Is Happening At Twitter?
  • Why Is This A Problem?
  • What Can You Do?

The Mastodon FAQ (Coming up next)

This FAQ is written for Twitter Users who are thinking of leaving for Mastodon:

  • Essential information To Know Before Joining
  • Key Terms To Master And Understand?
  • How Does Mastodon work
  • What Is The Culture Of Mastodon?

Moving From Twitter to Mastodon HOWTO (TODO)

A more detailed HOWTO [2] Migrate from Twitte to Mastodon. Please read and understand everything in the Mastodon FAQ before you start.:

  • Twitter Administration Before You Leave
  • Choosing a Mastodon Instance
  • Mastodon Quirks You Should Be Aware Of
  • How Can You Contribute


[0] The #TwitterExodus is explained in the wikipedia article detailing the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk. [Last Accessed: Saturday 19th November, 2022]

[1] FAQ, "Frequently Asked Questions: A list of common questions asked with answers." [Last Accessed: Saturday 19th November, 2022] <>

[2 HOWTO, "A document that shows step by step, how to achieve an objective." [Last Accessed: Saturday 19th November, 2022] <>


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