Black Saturday 10 years on
Black Saturday 10 Years On
Thursday, 17 January 2019 19:01 Hrs
❝ Black Saturday is my third bushfire.

The anniversary of Black Saturday is coming up. Ten years. Where I live, bushfires are a part of life, it's not something to be terrified about. You roll with the land, adjust. My first bushfire was Black Wednesday. The second was Ash Wednesday, then Black Saturday. I'll keep adding more stories as the day approaches:

My Second Bushfire

❝ I remember the smoke blackening the air. It seemed like the fires were just beyond the ridge to the south. Yet the fires were many kilometres away in the Dandenongs. I was living in Panton Hill, a small community 40km north east of Melbourne. When the local CFA siren sounded, my father raced up the dirt road to respond, just like many other local CFA members including my friends Stuart and Neville. A truck was sent with both of them and three other local men. My father was asked to stay behind for another shift. The following day I received a telephone call from my tearful mother. All she could say was "It's them", referring to the discovery of 12 dead firemen and their trucks. I was devastated, as was everyone else in our small town. My life has never been the same. Don't expect to find happiness in the distant future, seek it out now! RIP Stuart, Neville, and all the other brave volunteer and professional fire fighters who have lost their lives trying to keep others safe. And all those living firefighters who put their lives on the line have my undying admiration. Most particularly those who volunteer." Bryan, 12th April, 2012. [0]

In the summer it never really leaves your mind, will a fire start this year? But you don't expect a fire like Ash Wednesday. This fire is personal.

My First Bushfire

❝ My earliest memory, pulling up in the driveway, looking up and seeing all the tree—tops on fire.

It was 40 degrees C by nine o'clock in the morhing. 230 fires state—wide. Winds up to 119Km/Hr. 22 people killed, over 250,000 hectares burned and greater than 200 house burned down. One of them was a friends property across the road. Black Wednesday was my introduction to bushfires.


[0] ABC, Bryan, 12th April 2012, "75 perish in the Ash Wednesday bushfires"


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