What am I working on now?
Monday, 25 June 2018 21:13 Hrs
❝ What am I working on NOW?

A NowNow page, or Now page as most people refer to it, is a list of what you are currently working on. It is inspired by Derek Sivers. A quicker way to find this page is seldomlogical.com/now

My Now mascot is the Echidna. [0] A reminder of how I go about things.

Blog post

  • Secure all the things In an era where censorship is on the increase and trust is being eroded, if you own or use a website that uses HTTP and not HTTPS, you are contributing to the problem.

Learning Rust

Wow, Rust is eye-opening for a couple of reasons.

  • Firstly it's like a better C, think type-safe memory.

  • Imagine working with C and memory management akin to a chain-saw.

  • Working with Rust is like using a chainsaw with a big safety guard and kevlar gloves.

  • The infrastructure is brilliant. The compiler, documentation and most important, the module import structure works.

  • The most important feature of Rust, it is a path to WebAssembly.

  • Rust is one way to bring fast, compact and typed software to the browser.

  • Read this article, ‘Baby’s First Rust+WebAssembly module’ by Lin Clark (Mozilla).

Working on Perl6 application

  • Perl 6 is also an eye opener. Listen/Watch this Youtube talk on P6, On the shoulders of Giants and this Three Little Words by Damian Conway.

  • I'm paying more attention to P6 than say Python because it not only handles building grammers, but concurrency is not as much a problem as it is with Python.

  • I must write a post on the current state of Web systems languages/Web programming.

Fine tuning RPi servers

I have a stable of Raspberry Pi servers running various projects. They bridge the gap between running a thumping big server with lots of resources. The main advantages are:

  • low power consumption

  • low cost, AUD $50

  • gets you to think small, light and fast products


I want to bring together the online sources I go to on a regular basis

Fixing my new bike

  • New rear tyre needed after a blowout.

  • Resting broken arm from old bike

  • rebuilding strength in both hands/arms

  • leaving my old bike in the rain


Rebuilding vege garden

Latest film

  • The Incredibiles Two


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[0] An egg laying mammal or Monotreme.


Inspired by Derek Sivers.


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