What am I working on now?
Friday, 28 December 2018 11:04 Hrs
❝ What am I working on now?

A NowNow page, or Now page as most people refer to it, is a list of what you are currently working on. Inspired by Derek Sivers. A quicker way to find this page is seldomlogical.com/now


  • Rust: still plodding my way through the book. There are holes in the way the book goes through exercises. I will write this up because it makes a difference in the learning trajectory.

  • D3JS: working through examples with D3. I really like how this language works. It is precise, so precise it can be difficult unless you have the latest references.

  • Perl 6 (learning Perl 6): Done a little bit, mostly ignoring this book.

  • Interesting CS topics on Computerphile: This youtube channel from lecturers from the University of Nottingham is fantastic. Very concise talks that are useful as starting points of more advanced topics.

Blog post

Time to push out some more stories:


  • Now Now update

  • Black Wednesday: “It was blistering, windy weather on the first total fire ban day of the year. my most vivid memory of the fire? pulling up in the driveway, opening the car door and looking up to see all the tree—tops on fire.“

  • Black Saturday 10 Years On: “Black saturday is my third bushfire.“

  • A Year In Images: “This year has been no ordinary year. the images you see are selected from 2009 so far. unconsciously i've probably also indicated what things have occupied me.“

  • This Years Hardware Project: “I skipped the c=64, but i did dabble in machine code and the 6502.“

  • README: “Readme for my daily goto read, watch & listen.“


  • The City Country Divide: When a city kids go bush, the city / country divide is broken.

  • The Happy Macintosh Face: So I'm going down a street and I see a Mac being thrown out :)

  • Should Programmers Learn Machine Code?: Poor choice of phrase: Latin, the language is a prereq for Natural Scientists describing phylum.

  • Created a Books page which kicks off book reviews. When everyone has their noses in their phone, I am sticking to books. So it is a natural progression to write about what I have read.

  • Primal Origins And Unleashed The first sentence from any book is hard fought. It should ring true. That's what I see in first two PRIMAL books.

  • updated my Now Now page.

  • potential future posts

    • Techweenies: the rise and fall of the tech weenie.

    • Technology flip: going distributed and going offline.

    • Swiping to the right: normalisation of right wing politics.

    • The thought police: discussion of the Austalian AABill.

    • Books: write review of books in book list.


❝ live music is better, bumper stickers should be issued. -- Neil Young

Big year for music, here are some events I've attended:

Tracy McNeil Band at the Post Office Hotel Tracy
McNeil Band at the Post Office Hotel

Neil Young Archives

Olympia at Northcote Social Club Olympia at Northcote Social

  • October 18th: went to see Olympia at the Brunswick Social Club, ‘Star City’ release concert.


Nextgen: Did a lot of work on my NG blog engine. An idea that I have been working on since 2002. The latest blog Colophon was written in 2008 so I have to update the page. The latest work was to make sure all output is valid HTML5. Also thinking about re—writing the engine in Rust or Perl6.

Working on the below projects off/on daily. The code online is a fraction of what I use, so you only see the toy projects online.


Typewriter: Picked up a 1967, Olympia Splendid portable typewriter. Spent some time on youtube looking for operations information.


Done a lot of riding this year. Found and exploring two new tracks.

Oppy50 and the things you see

The Gas line

The Bike

  • The bike needs to go back to the shop:

    • requires a service

    • rear new tyre

    • chain resize

    • broken spoke on rear wheel


I'm still working on a list of sites I visit. Packed them all into a URL, so now I have a /README page


  • https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/JavaScript/

  • https://hacks.mozilla.org

  • https://twitter.com

  • https://neilyoungarchives.com

  • http://neilyoungnews.thrasherswheat.org

  • https://ilovetypography.com

  • https://www.redblobgames.com

  • Stories

  • https://www.redblobgames.com


  • https://ultimate64.com

  • https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-21/rn-presenters-summer-podcast-picks/10403740

  • http://scripting.com

  • https://rework.fm

  • https://www.historyhit.com/

  • http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/scienceshow/

What I am not working on

This is a page of things I am currently working on. I should probably also make a list of things I avoid.

  • I killed Facebook over a year now. So I do not do anything on Facebook. This is problematic because my friends from my old hometown, school and past are all there.

  • I stopped reading Hacker News for news. I was on HN since the early days of 2005 and lived in the top 100 and highest, top 40 for most of the time. However it is toxic for new comers and minorities. So I stopped going there.

  • I killed my Reddit acount in 2015 (nine year user) because it is also a black hole of negative Internet.


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My Now mascot is the Echidna. A reminder of how I go about things.

Credit and inspiration by Derek Sivers.


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