• DEC 20 The Open Web 
    “Take responsibility for own your own data, explore and live in the open web instead.“
  • NOV 19 How To Leave Twitter 
    “This article is in draft mode. it is rough, contains errors and will be ammended soon.“
  • NOV 19 The Twitter Faq 
    “This article is in draft mode. it is rough, contains errors and will be ammended soon.“


  • JAN 01 Pure Austen 
    “Jane austen, line by line every 15 minutes.“


  • SEP 28 Science. 
    “It works. bitches.“
  • JUL 05 All About The Sound 
    “The best investment i made in my youth? ...buying vinyl records.“
  • JUN 25 Bordain Day 
    “Let’s all remember that time anthony bourdain smashed a kebab at town hall kebabs on sydney rd. #kimbaheartsyou“
  • JAN 13 A Year In Images 
    “This year has been no ordinary year. the images you see are selected from 2009 so far. unconsciously i've probably also indicated what things have occupied me.“
  • JAN 03 Readme 
    “Readme for my daily goto read, watch & listen.“


  • DEC 31 Three Cameras One Image 
    “I quickly formulate an idea. get a pack of impossible 600 colour film then take advantage of the cool bright morning. i'li shoot eight images using three different cameras and see what happens.“
  • DEC 28 Now 
    “What am i working on now?“
  • SEP 22 Primal Origins And Unleashed 
    “The icy himalayan wind ripped over the ridgeline, buffeting the long line of soldiers shuffling forward one tenuous step at a time.“
  • SEP 22 Books 
    “A list of books i have read, liked and reviewed.“
  • JUL 04 Secure All The Things 
    “In an era where censorship is on the increase and trust is being eroded, if you own or use a website that uses http and not https, you are contributing to the problem.“
  • JUN 25 Now 
    “What am i working on now?“


  • DEC 16 Now 
    “What am i working on now?“
  • DEC 15 Now 
    “What am i working on now?“
  • NOV 19 Zero Tasks 
    “Zerotasks: maximum six. add new tasks to leftovers. prioritise. kill one task at a time. repeat.“


  • NOV 21 Sometimes 
    “Getting things done takes time“
  • NOV 21 Now 
    “What am i working on now?“
  • MAY 11 Hacking Tractors 
    “How to recharge a tractor battery using the sun.“
  • APR 25 Maclagans Ridge 
    “The first field gun ashore was hauled up some the by the sappers“
  • APR 23 Colophon Redux 
    “Seldomlogical is built using some simple ideas in mind.“
  • MAR 12 Profile 
    “You have to know the past to understand the present — carl sagan“


  • SEP 13 Time Fades Away 
    “When i moved out of home, i didn't take all my viny.“


  • SEP 07 Instant Angels 
    “The roads can be cruel around my way for both young and old.“
  • JUL 19 My Rules 
    “I have a code that i live by.“
  • JAN 28 Books In Twenty Years 
    “What i really would like to know is how book stores will look in 20 years?“


  • SEP 20 Dont Beat Yourself Up 
    “I’m not the only programmer that can sniff out a fake nerd – edward case“
  • MAR 12 Say It As It Is 
    “Like war, everything in startups is life or death“
  • MAR 12 Keenwalk Why I Went 
    “The upper bound of one mans imagination of the impossible is a simple walk for another.“


  • SEP 23 Proportional Force 
    “In reply to &lionhearted, `memoirs of a bullied kid` on hackernews“
  • SEP 14 Im Gonna Really Go Far 
    “♬ some day i’m gonna make big money / and buy myself a big old car / make my way on down to that promised land / and then i’m gonna really go far ♬“
  • JUN 27 Hippy Highway 
    “♬ trippin’ down that old hippy highway / got to thinkin’ 'bout you again / wonderin’ how it really was for you / and how it happened in the end / but i guess i’ll never know the truth / if you were really all alone ♬“
  • JUN 18 The Imitators 
    “The internet is turning a world of scarcity into a world of abundance.“
  • JUN 18 Objects As Printouts 
    “New manufacturing technologies will force us to re-evaluate where the true value lies: the one off object or the instructions to make it?“
  • JUN 18 Hacking People 
    “This is an edited version of a talk i presented a talk of at trampoline two in melbourne, saturday 24th of october, 2009 called 'hacking people, hacking bullies'.“
  • JUN 17 Widow Sobbed Beneath Her Veil 
    “♬ ‟carmichael you asshole,” / the new widow sobbed beneath her veil / shot down in the line of duty / is this how justice never fails? ♬“
  • JUN 15 Fake Practice 
    “The soldiers must respond; neutralise the enemy, and provide triage to the injured. it is, of course, a drill.“
  • JUN 10 Respect For Life 
    “As i carried poor little penelope out to the car, sara, on the phone to the vet tells me they can’t see penelope — in her greatest moment of need.“
  • MAY 14 The Golden Moment 
    “There is one aspect the documentary does not explain properly, ‟the golden moment”“
  • MAR 13 Hacking Bullies 
    “It has now been several months since i presented the talk at trampoline. the idea, a simple hypothesis, 'is there a better way to identify and disrupt cyber bullies?'“
  • FEB 11 I Hate Disco 
    “The year was 1979 and disco was unstoppable.“


  • NOV 14 Sharecropping With Apple 
    “I’m pleased to note that a lot of people have realized that taking part in the iphone (and other locked down mobile devices) ecosystem is sharecropping': please do tell. what are the 'other ways'? — joe hewitt on the 'middle man'.“
  • SEP 30 Rrr Open Day 
    “'the station initially operated on a one-year ‘experimental' license that stipulated that the station broadcast 'messages containing matter of an educational character'. who says punk can't teach you a thing or two?' [0]“
  • SEP 12 A Benevolent Social Hack 
    “'i wanted alan turing to be raised into the pantheon of great britons, but i felt it would be hypocritical to do so without recognising that britain treated him so badly.' — jgc“
  • SEP 09 Alt.Nerd.Obsessive 
    “A response to how to get along with geeks: a seven-point guide by bronwen clune (&bronwen). a slightly edited version should appear in the comments.“
  • AUG 27 Dont Read This 
    “I don’t write for anything, other than for my own selfish reasons, so stop reading, now.“
  • AUG 12 Ten Signs Of Failure 
    “While writing up an article on ‟ways to fail”, i realised i had stumbled on a mini—article on failure.“
  • JUL 30 The Humans Are Dead 
    “I turned 50 in the it industry 10 years ago. despite 20+ years of experience, a science degree from cambridge, and an (australian) mba“
  • JUL 06 Concentration 
    “Concentrate, verb, /ˈkɒn.sən.tɹeɪt/, to focus, to concentrate the attention.“
  • MAY 27 Farmers Didnt Invent Tractors 
    “A reply to a comment on hackernews “farmers didn’t invent tractors. they didn’t invent any of the improvements. they were busy farming.”“
  • MAY 05 What To Do With Paid Maternity Leave 
    “In reply to the first comment by jeffg: 05 may 2009 7:31:03am. i should be working on stuff but i can't let bonehead assertions go unchallenged.“


  • JUN 24 How To Conduct A Meeting 
    “I've been having trouble getting much traction going at my teams weekly meetings.“
  • MAY 13 Fat-Free Data Alternative 
    “I want give users access to their own data, do i let them have it with the lot? or offer a fat-free alternative?“
  • MAY 08 Colophon 
    “Seldomlogical is built using some simple ideas in mind.“
  • MAY 02 Seldom Logical 
    “How i decided what to call my home on the internet.“
  • MAY 02 Contact 
    “The fastest way to contact me is via mastodon: &peterrenshaw&ioc.exchange“
  • MAY 01 About 
    “The best way to predict the future is to invent it. — alan kay“


  • MAR 20 The Last Bbq 
    “Next week is the last bbq i'll be doing.“


  • SEP 17 Before The Fire 
    “The pictures shown, capture strathewen, bowden spur road through to kinglake west before the fire. it's gone, all gone. “


  • MAY 20 Rewriting Making The News 
    “'it's not enough for journalists to be mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the messages and the myths that surround it' - john pilger“


  • OCT 23 Problem Obsd 3.2 I386 Install 
    “To: misc&openbsd.org subject: problem 3.2 i386 install from: peter renshaw <goonmail&netspace.net.au> date: thu, 23 oct 2003 22:29:18 +1000“


  • FEB 27 First Blog Post 
    “First blog post: /. journal by goon on wednesday february 27, 2002 &09:20pm“
  • FEB 27 Test - Ignore 
    “Post originally appeared on my /. journal“


  • FEB 16 Ash Wednesday 
    “My father was asked to stay behind for another shift. the following day i received a telephone call from my tearful mother. all she could say was 'it's them', referring to the discovery of 12 dead firemen and their trucks. bryan, 12th april, 2012.“


  • JAN 01 404 
    “404 - this is not the page you are looking for.“


  • JAN 08 Black Wednesday 
    “It was blistering, windy weather on the first total fire ban day of the year. my most vivid memory of the fire? pulling up in the driveway, opening the car door and looking up to see all the tree—tops on fire.“

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