—03 January 2019
“Readme for my daily goto read, watch & listen.”

My Rules

 —19 July 2012
“I have a code that i live by.”

Rules And Resolutions

 —24 March 2012
“Everyone needs a code they can live by.”

Books In Twenty Years

 —28 January 2012
“What i really would like to know is how book stores will look in 20 years?”

White Hand, Black Hand

 —09 June 2011
“Rule 1: nobody gets left behind — hal moore”

Proportional Force

 —23 September 2010
“In reply to &lionhearted, `memoirs of a bullied kid` on hackernews”

The Imitators

 —18 June 2010
“The internet is turning a world of scarcity into a world of abundance.”

Objects As Printouts

 —18 June 2010
“New manufacturing technologies will force us to re-evaluate where the true value lies: the one off object or the instructions to make it?”

Hacking People

 —18 June 2010
“This is an edited version of a talk i presented a talk of at trampoline two in melbourne, saturday 24th of october, 2009 called 'hacking people, hacking bullies'.”

Hacking Bullies

 —13 March 2010
“It has now been several months since i presented the talk at trampoline. the idea, a simple hypothesis, 'is there a better way to identify and disrupt cyber bullies?'”

The Illusion Of Anonymity

 —15 December 2009
“Anonymity in a computer system is an illusion.”

A Benevolent Social Hack

 —12 September 2009
“'i wanted alan turing to be raised into the pantheon of great britons, but i felt it would be hypocritical to do so without recognising that britain treated him so badly.' — jgc”

Digital Doppelgängers

 —20 August 2009
“For 'why'”

Ten Signs Of Failure

 —12 August 2009
“While writing up an article on ‟ways to fail”, i realised i had stumbled on a mini—article on failure.”

Getting Stuff Done With Nothing

 —21 April 2009
“Hello, my name is peter. my talk is called ‟getting stuff done with nothing”.”

Fat-Free Data Alternative

 —13 May 2008
“I want give users access to their own data, do i let them have it with the lot? or offer a fat-free alternative?”

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