A Quick Visibility Hack
Sunday, 03 January 2016 21:30 Hrs
❝ Quick hack to make a machines directory visible on a network.

5 minute hack that is useful.

There's nothing spectacular about this hack. It simply allows me to make a directory on a crappy Windows machine visible on the network by directory path. I run the script using Idle so I don't even have to be into the directory I want to expose.

#====== start ======

#!/usr/bin/env python3

# name:
# date: 2016JAN01
# prog: pr
# desc: I cant get the filepath to work on windows so I
#       created a quick, dirty hack to allow for files
#       to be served over the network.
# src :
# <>
# <>

import os
import http.server
import socketserver

PORT = 8000                                  
DIR = "D:\\download\\seldomlogical-old\\"    # root: path I want served
PATH = os.listdir(path=DIR)

Handler = http.server.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler
httpd = socketserver.TCPServer(("", PORT), Handler)
print("serving from path", PATH)
print("serving at port", PORT)

#====== end ======

As a quick exercise I wrote the basic code in a tweet. [0] The path is contrived but it gives you an example of how compact the code is.

#====== start ======

import os,http,socketserver 
socketserver.TCPServer((, 8080),http.server.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler).serve_forever()

#====== end ======


[0] Equivalent code in a tweet.

[Last accessed: Monday 1st February, 2016]


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