Saturday, 21 November 2015 19:35 Hrs
❝ getting things done takes time

Did a quick write-up today for a new page, now/.

The idea inspired by Derek Sivers, is pretty simple. Create a path on your website describing what you are working on at the moment.

Now, in detail

I often tweet song lyrics or read short quotes on twitter. So I decided to build a tool to do just this using existing text.

  • Hack and testing phase of secret project to unleash the power of the written word
    • Text processing algorythm for line adjustment and length
    • hook-up to existing twit code
    • cron for update timing

Hardware should get simpler and cheaper right? After what seems a lifetime of upgrading hardware and supporting software systems, I have switched my work servers to RaspberryPi. I have now a collection of the servers running. I do however want to kill the laptop I use and replace it with a purpose built, expandable RPi laptop. Early days yet, but I can see how this will be better than a Windows or Mac laptop. Need to update to the latest processor? Do it for $50 dollars.

There are many ways to approach this and I am not sure if a wood verses 3D printer approach is better. One thing I have been thinking about is supporting multiple processors (ie: two or three RaspberryPi boards) in one case.


My online stuff needs a home on the Internet. Having been on the Internet since 1994 I have blogged and commented at places like slashdot, perlmonks, Hackernews, twitter, flickr, etc. Having looked at a lot of the tools I decided to create my own.


  • Guitar practice


What am I looking at?

E • ch • id • na — an egg laying mammal or monotreme. The most interesting thing was the way this echidna walks. Legs on one side, both move in unison.


Inspired by Derek Sivers.


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