A reply to ‟Feeling Dirty”, an article on Hackernews
Dont Beat Yourself Up
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 22:38 Hrs
❝ I’m not the only programmer that can sniff out a fake nerd – Edward Case

Feeling Dirty on Hacker News:   Of the posts that I dislike, [0] ad-hominem criticism, [1] the singling individuals are the least helpful, especially when posted by an anonymous coward. [2] I can’t tell if this is valid criticism or a rant from a random programmer trolling because the source plays the man, not the problem.

You’ve got a lot to learn about people on Hacker News. Generally, we know our shit. A more helpful article might have been discussing the natural tension between entrepreneurs and programmers. Startup founders are usually the union of both, but I’ve noticed ideas pitched from programmers (as opposed to entrepreneurs/founders) tend to downplay the importance of everything else related to the business.

❝ Startups aren’t just code.

There are a multitude of conflicting issues that need attention. There might be some valid criticisms, but that’s all they are. Don’t beat yourself up over a random post on a bulletin board from an anonymous source [3] from a tabloid.


[0] Edward Case, ‟Why 80 Percent of Web Projects Are Total Bullshit: A Freelancer’s Rant”, [Last Accessed Tuesday 20th September, 2011]

[1] Paul Graham, ‟How to Disagree”

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