Say It As It Is
Say It As It Is
Saturday, 12 March 2011 16:04 Hrs
❝ Like war, everything in startups is life or death

I appreciate the enthusiasm and romanticism [0] of the story, but don’t for a minute confuse working in a Startup and a real ‟life and death” situation. Things have to be done perfectly, freeze, screw up or make a mistake and you end up with a corpse instead of a person.

Why not say it, ‟as it is” — a relatively safe, exciting creative job where you get to make your own decisions, create things, have fun and maybe make some money. [1]


[0] YC Is Not a School for Startups; ‟It’s Marine Corps Boot Camp for Founders”, [Last Accessed: March 12 2011]

[1] This is obviously not a photo of the ferris wheel found in Pripyat, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine but a screen-cap of a fictitious game.


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