The Golden Moment
The Golden Moment
Friday, 14 May 2010 16:49 Hrs
❝ there is one aspect the documentary does not explain properly, ‟The golden moment”

The ‟Golden Hour” is a reference to the ability of a person to survive if given appropriate medical treatment within the first hour of trauma. In reality, the situation is a bit more nuanced than title suggests.

A Fine Distinction

❝ Instead of ‟Golden Hour” think ‟Golden Moment”

Depending on the severity of the trauma, ‟The Golden Moment” might be the first ten seconds or the first ten minutes leading up to the first hour. So what you get is not only the ‟Golden Hour”, but the ‟Golden ten seconds”, the ‟Golden ten minutes”. If appropriate triage then treatment is applied within these time frames, survivability is more favourable.


[0] ABC, Mark Corcoran, ‟The Golden Hour: Afghanistan: The ‛Gen Y’ War”, The topic isn’t a pleasent one. It’s about trauma and medivac operations at Forward Operating Base SHANK and contains a thorough explaination of the US medical evacuation process in Afghanistan. You can watch it here., [Last Accessed: Monday July 14th, 2010]


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