2011JAN: Camp Baker, Kandahar, Afghanistan.
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Monday, 15 March 2010 12:00 Hrs
❝ Lazy 5kms in battle rattle!!!!!

A message from from Moose, January 2011, Camp Baker, Kandahar, Afghanistan. [0]


The Boardwalk is a whole lot more than the dining and shopping hub of KAF. On the odd occasion, the lights are turned onto a stage in the corner and we all get to kick back and watch a show.

The United Service Organization (USO), a US charitable organisation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of US Armed Forces personnel, organise concert tours and roll them out across the world. Here in KAF, we have had the privilege of seeing two.

❝ The first was a night of comedy headlined by Robin Williams.

So was he funny? Well he was, at first. Very witty. Very clever. QANTAS and Mel Gibson taking the full brunt of his verbal assault and yes Robin, the platypus is proof that God inhaled! But it soon became apparent that most of the crowd couldn’t keep up and the humour returned to more typical American topics.

The second show, in typical flamboyant American style, was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Actually, it was a night of Country and Western bands,

❝ but all I heard was whining, yodelling and some references to dying (I tried to understand
were the Country began and the Western ended, no hope!).

And then there were the cheerleaders. This night was made even more special when we were able to sneak a young digger, recuperating after being injured in the field, backstage to meet the girls. You couldn't wipe the smile off his face. Actually, there where a few other people around here who couldn't get the smiles off their faces either!

It's not just the US that provides entertainment to those living at KAF. Down in the Dutch Corner there has been plenty of DJ turntable action going on. If the posters are anything to go by, the Dutch must have some pretty special entry requirements to their Defence Forces. Of course, we have done our part, hosting Charlie and crew here in Camp Baker.

❝ Oh yeah, did I mention the cheerleaders!

So KAF has shows, it has music and it has dancing girls. What more could you want? Well, how about a decent cup of coffee! Luckily KAF has its own café culture. Timmy’s anyone?



[0] Image courtesy and Copyright of Australian Defence Force, 2010.


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