SEP 23 Proportional Force 

    “In reply to @lionhearted, 'memoirs of a bullied kid' on hackernews“

    SEP 14 Im Gonna Really Go Far 

    “♬ some day i’m gonna make big money / and buy myself a big old car / make my way on down to that promised land / and then i’m gonna really go far ♬“

    JUN 27 Hippy Highway 

    “♬ trippin’ down that old hippy highway / got to thinkin’ 'bout you again / wonderin’ how it really was for you / and how it happened in the end / but i guess i’ll never know the truth / if you were really all alone ♬“

    JUN 18 The Imitators 

    “The internet is turning a world of scarcity into a world of abundance.“

    JUN 18 Objects As Printouts 

    “New manufacturing technologies will force us to re-evaluate where the true value lies: the one off object or the instructions to make it?“

    JUN 18 Hacking People 

    “This is an edited version of a talk i presented a talk of at trampoline two in melbourne, saturday 24th of october, 2009 called 'hacking people, hacking bullies'.“

    JUN 17 Widow Sobbed Beneath Her Veil 

    “♬ ‟carmichael you asshole,” / the new widow sobbed beneath her veil / shot down in the line of duty / is this how justice never fails? ♬“

    JUN 15 Fake Practice 

    “The soldiers must respond; neutralise the enemy, and provide triage to the injured. it is, of course, a drill.“

    JUN 10 Respect For Life 

    “As i carried poor little penelope out to the car, sara, on the phone to the vet tells me they can’t see penelope — in her greatest moment of need.“

    MAY 14 The Golden Moment 

    “There is one aspect the documentary does not explain properly, ‟the golden moment”“

    MAR 13 Hacking Bullies 

    “It has now been several months since i presented the talk at trampoline. the idea, a simple hypothesis, 'is there a better way to identify and disrupt cyber bullies?'“

    FEB 11 I Hate Disco 

    “The year was 1979 and disco was unstoppable.“


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