NOV 14 Sharecropping With Apple 

    “I’m pleased to note that a lot of people have realized that taking part in the iphone (and other locked down mobile devices) ecosystem is sharecropping': please do tell. what are the 'other ways'? — joe hewitt on the 'middle man'.“

    SEP 30 Rrr Open Day 

    “'the station initially operated on a one-year ‘experimental' license that stipulated that the station broadcast 'messages containing matter of an educational character'. who says punk can't teach you a thing or two?' [0]“

    SEP 12 A Benevolent Social Hack 

    “'i wanted alan turing to be raised into the pantheon of great britons, but i felt it would be hypocritical to do so without recognising that britain treated him so badly.' — jgc“

    SEP 09 Alt.Nerd.Obsessive 

    “A response to how to get along with geeks: a seven-point guide by bronwen clune (@bronwen). a slightly edited version should appear in the comments.“

    AUG 27 Dont Read This 

    “I don’t write for anything, other than for my own selfish reasons, so stop reading, now.“

    AUG 12 Ten Signs Of Failure 

    “While writing up an article on ‟ways to fail”, i realised i had stumbled on a mini—article on failure.“

    MAY 27 Farmers Didnt Invent Tractors 

    “A reply to a comment on hackernews “farmers didn’t invent tractors. they didn’t invent any of the improvements. they were busy farming.”“


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